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Re-use of Belgian patent publication documents

In order to comply with the Belgian law concerning the re-use of administrative documents, the Belgian Intellectual Property Office allows the re-use of Belgian patent publication documents.

Belgian patent publication documents are available, in PDF and/or XML versions, for consulting and downloading via :

By this provisioning, the Office comply with the Belgian law concerning the re-use of administrative documents. A bulk downloading service does not exist and its production would generate disproportional costs for the Office. For a bulk downloading service, we refer you to the European Patent Office which supports the Espacenet database and has, in principle, at its disposal all Belgian patent publication documents.

The BPP-eRegister proposes XML-versions of Belgian patent granted as from 22 September 2014. The XML-format is an open and machine-readable format that the legislator and the EU Commission promote to increase documents accessibility.

Here is the procedure to follow for the re-use :

 1) The written request (post or e-mail) must contain the following informations :

    a. The requested documents ;

    b. The form/format of supply of the documents ;

    c. The purpose of the re-use.

 2) Within ten working days, the Office verifies the conditions of the request and answer if all the conditions are met.

 3)  If all the conditions are not met, the requestor has twenty working days to regularize his request.

The Office stays at your disposal for more information :