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MyPage is an online service that provides secure electronic access to the patent and SPC files contained on the Benelux Patent Platform (BPP).

In order to access MyPage, you need to have a smartcard delivered by the European Patent Office and the corresponding PIN number. Smartcards are used for online filings (eOLF), but are also used to secure your access to MyPage.

A smartcard can be requested through the link

Once you have received your smartcard (and your PIN code), please contact the BPP helpdesk by telephone (+32 22 77 51 19) or by e-mail:, in order to continue the MyPage access request process.

For more information on how to access MyPage, a user manual and an explanatory video are available on this portal.


MyPage has two functions: Payer and Portfolio.  You can request access to both functions or to one of them.

1) With the Payer function, users are now able to:

- Monitor the status and the pending fees of its applications and patents, especially by directly accessing its receipts;

- Create payment orders;

- Create payment orders for fees relating to patents on behalf of the applicants or patent owners.

- Monitor the current account status

Please note that the Payer function of MyPage is currently available only for recognized Patent Attorneys and Payment Agencies that have a current account within the Belgian Intellectual Property Office. For more information about current accounts and payments done through this method, please contact the accounting department at the following address:

For more information on this Payer function, we provide you with a user manual and an explanatory video on this portal.

2) With the Portfolio function, agents and groups of agents can consult the data relating to their patent portfolio, as well as the correspondence and documents contained in the patent files they manage. 

For further information on the Portfolio function, we provide you with a user manual and an explanatory video on this portal.


MyPage also allows the attorney's office or payment agency to manage the use of MyPage within their own organisation via the User Management button.  The person responsible can create or delete a user in the office and decide which rights of use are granted to each user.  He can also select, among all the patents under his or her management, such and such a patent and assign them to such and such a user.

For more information about this new functionality, we provide you with a user manual and an explanatory video on this portal.


MyPage contains sensitive data. Both financial data and personal data (address, name, etc.) are available to the user. This is why we ask each user to respect the sometimes sensitive nature of this data with care and discretion and to protect them (keep the PIN code of the smartcard secret, lock the computer when the user momentarily leaves the office, etc...).

Terms and conditions set by the FPS Economy apply to the use of MyPage.  Their purpose is to inform the user of the terms and conditions of the use of MyPage, and ultimately to secure the relationships that the user has, both with its customers and with the BE-IPO. Both users who already have access to Mypage and users who will request (and obtain) access to MyPage automatically subscribe to these terms and conditions when they make use of MyPage

For all technical questions relating to the use of MyPage, in addition to the manual and videos on this portal, the BPP helpdesk is at your disposal on working days from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm at (+32 22 77 51 19).

Please note that the application might be unavailable for a short time during the weekly maintenance windows, usually on Tuesday evening.